Compact Machine Room & High Speed Elevator

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April 12, 2020
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April 12, 2020

Compact Machine Room & High Speed Elevator

Product Overview

METIS-HS high speed elevator is specially designed for high rise commercial building which combined with safety, comfort, energy-saving concept.
Speedy CPU

Metis-HS adopts CANBUS serial communication between the control, car and landings which greatly reduced cabling and connections. Error code displaying in numbers automatically, also reserved terminal for breakdown inspection, very easy for maintenance.

Lower noise higher efficiency

According to the speed and load, adjust the voltage and frequency constantly which can reduce energy 35% compared to old drive system.

More comfort

The optimized speed curve is generated by computer, using the control software to adjust AC motor in accurate starting, parking and levelling.
Automatic speed adjustment

VVVF door operator can adjust the door torque, speed and timing, which enhanced the overall performance and reduced the failure rate significantly.

Safe and reliable

Door protection has light curtain, safety edge and the combination of both, which ensure the passenger safety crossing the door.