Customer Service:

We are committed to adding value to our high quality products through excellent customer service. Our aim is to provide fast and high-standard service to our customers in order to satisfy them. Because achieving customer satisfaction is our main goal. Our Technicians and Engineers have excellent technical back up and on site experience, allowing you to relax knowing that your lift is in safe hands.

Some of our After Sales Services include:


A team of qualified and experienced technicians ensure that the quality of workmanship and performance are of a high standard, through the diligent supervision of installation, testing and adjustment work.


Elevator safety and reliability depends upon a planned maintenance schedule. To ensure maintenance of our products stress-free and effortlessly, we provide dedicated service teams that offer additional support and guidance at every stage.


Elevators are a critical component to smooth building operations. When emergency repairs are necessary, we respond as fast as possible and take the necessary actions to return the elevator to working order.


We provide a fast and cost effective way to modernize the conventional relay control elevator to our latest control system. We also offer various modernization options to when necessary, to ease budget constraints or to minimize disruptions to elevator service. OG Elevators provide 24/7 customer service, even on holidays to ensure client needs.